Your Child's First Visit

We will carefully examine the development of your child’s mouth. This is important because dental problems often start early including crowding, the appearance of calcium deposits or an abnormality in the number of teeth. We want to protect your child against possible conditions as baby bottle tooth decay, gum disease, prolonged thumb-sucking, and teething problems.

We have a fun children’s lounge with books, coloring, and videos. During each visit, your child can watch videos while they are being treated. After your child is seen by the dentist, we offer neat stickers and a free prize to congratulate them on their visit.

Kid cleaning teeth

Getting Acquainted

On your child’s first visit we will ask you for personal data and health background information. This information is designed to help us complete insurance forms or other correspondence required. The health information provides a baseline history to aid us in providing better health care for your child.

Please keep us informed regularly of any changes in name, address, phone number, insurance or health history.

Dr. Robert Parker

Dental surgeon, head doctor
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