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We at Dentistry For Children would like to say thank you to the generations of patients that have trusted us with the care of your children. We want to continue to maintain our level of care for you and your children. We love what we do and are honored to serve our community and surrounding counties for years to come. We know that the health of your children is important and we are grateful that Dentistry For Children has been able to provide a high level of care for over 52 years.  We look forward each day to get the privilege of serving you.  We have gone through some changes in our office with the appearance, with staff, with our doctors however what will never change is how much we care about making you happy with your experience. That is why we are all here. Dentistry For Children seems like a busy office however we pride ourselves on having a staff member that can care for you and your child at any time. Thank you again for your trust in us to take care of your precious children.

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Children's Dentist Savannah

Serving Savannah and the Low Country for over 52 years. We understand the importance of doing our best every day for your child and their oral health.

6 Reasons to Choose Dentistry for Children Savannah!

Here are our top 6 Reasons to choose Dentistry for Children!

Experienced professionals

When you want the best for your children, that’s what you’ll get at Dentistry for Children of Savannah. Our experienced dentists understand what to look for and how to help your child have the best dental experience possible.

Premium quality materials

We use the best materials for cleaning your children’s teeth. Attention and care are used when purchasing materials for our practice.

High quality equipment

Dentistry for Children Savannah maintains an intense focus on clinical excellence, and take pride that our teams execute the highest standards of care and compliance. We use proprietary software that assists with scheduling, equipment, and maintaining day-to-day operations inside of our dental offices.

Nice & Helpful Staff

Have a question? Ask our staff. We are here to answer any and all questions you may have about your child’s oral health our practice.

100% kids friendly

Our whole practice is centered around kids and being kid-friendly. Our waiting room has plenty of seating, tables, and TVs for your children to relax while waiting for their appointment.

Spanish Speaking Nurses

We have a Spanish speaking nurse always on staff.

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